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McMahan Services, Ltd., is a full-service welding fabrication shop specializing in design, building, installation, and repair of vessels and piping. Not looking for a vessel project? McMahan Services, Ltd., can also accommodate unique custom welding projects in their 20,000+ square foot building in Cuero, Texas.

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The McMahan Services Advantage | A Turnkey Solution | Your One Stop Shop

The McMahan Services, Ltd., advantage is also what makes us completely unique in the industry. McMahan Services, Ltd., can provide you with everything you’ll need for a complete turnkey project including the following: design, fabrication, delivery, installation, testing, examination, and maintenance. These services combined with an excellent safety record and a team of experienced and knowledgeable certified welders and staff make up our team.

Fabrication & Coating Services

22,000 Square foot fabrication Shop

Quality manual formatted to meet (ISO-9001) with quality forms, reports, & designed logs for the tracking of all phases of a project from start to finish

Quality System maintaining our ASME and NBIC code stamps “U” and “R”

ASME Boilers and Pressure Vessel Fabrication

Shop Repairs and Alterations

Custom Piping

Custom Fabrication

Structural Steel Fabrication

Turnkey Logistics

4,500 Square foot Coatings and Custom Paint Shop

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ASME Boilers & Pressure Vessels ASME Boilers & Pressure Vessels

McMahan Services, Ltd., specializes in ASME boilers and pressure vessels of all types. Whether your need is to purchase, design & build, repair, installation or maintenance, McMahan Services, Ltd., has you covered. Our fabrication shop has the experience, the knowledge and is backed by the ASME stamps required to perform safe and high-quality fabrication and repairs on your gas or liquid pressure vessels.

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Repairs & Alterations Repairs & Alterations

Whether you are dealing with an emergency or performing routine maintenance, McMahan Services, Ltd., is ready to assess and repair your pressure vessels and boilers to ensure they remain in a safe, healthy, working state not only for your productivity, but for your peace of mind.

Custom Piping Custom Piping

When it comes to your boiler parts fabrication, McMahan Services, Ltd., can accommodate just about any project. Our fabrication shop provides the highest quality fabrication of piping to meet any of your requirements. McMahan Services, Ltd., will help you assess your needs, determine the solution and create the piping needed to keep you running efficiently. McMahan Services, Ltd., fabrication shop is a 20,000+ square foot shop that can accommodate the high-quality fabrication of just about any kind of piping.

Custom Fabrication Custom Fabrication

McMahan Services, Ltd., specializes in providing quality custom welding of steel and aluminum. Our facility has worked on a wide range of unique projects including skidded production equipment, custom portable trailer mounted production units, tank fabrication, piping accessories, catwalks, platforms, doors, stairs, racks, boxes, and much more. Fabrication and industrial coating can be completed in our facility. We also have mobile crews that can service and work offsite.

Structural Steel Structural Steel

McMahan Services, Ltd., provides safe, high quality structural steel welding. A turnkey solution is one of our advantages, as well as design and building of projects delivered and/or installed on location. McMahan Services, Ltd., works closely with our third party NDE company to perform ultrasonic, nondestructive examination before the fabrication leaves the shop upon request and can schedule routine ultrasonic, nondestructive examinations that will test the integrity of your steel and other metal materials for wear or discontinuities over time. Our shop is equipped with an 8 x 20 automated plasma table with under water, 1.5” piercing and 2” cutting capabilities, custom precision cutting is at your disposal.

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Installation Installation

McMahan Services, Ltd., provides turnkey solutions that include delivery and installation. For more information about our installation services please contact us at 361-275-0111.

certified welding services for cuero texas

Industrial Coating Industrial Coating

McMahan Services, Ltd., can meet your industrial coating or custom paint specifications required to ensure our work is a perfect match in your facility; with our 4,500 square foot paint shop we have you covered.

Safety Safety

National Board, ISNetworld.

McMahan Services, Ltd., has long been an innovator and leader when it comes to safety. McMahan Services, Ltd., has created the McMahan Services Safety Standard by which it requires all employees and management to adhere to. This dedication to safety includes in-house training classes, testing, management-focused training.

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