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McMahan's Industrial Construction Division is just one of several branches of McMahan Services, Ltd., that oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, mining and steel industries can rely on to help support them with their upcoming projects.

Industrial Construction

Below are some of the Industrial services we offer:

For more information please contact our Industrial Construction & Services Team Leader, Cory Rodriguez at (361) 846-0737.

Industrial Services

Shell - Tube & Condenser Exchanger Services

Blind-to-blind services

Field exchanger and condenser repairs

Code Shell repairs

Field and Shop Retubes

Air Condenser Services

Replacement Bundles

Field and Shop Retubes

Replacement Header Boxes

Fin Combing and Exterior Cleaning

Louver Replacement and Installation

Header Box Gasket Resurfacing and Oversizing Threaded


Piping and Specialty Welding

Quality manual formatted to meet (ISO-9001) with Quality forms, reports, & designed logs for the tracking of all phases of a project from start to finish

Quality System maintaining our ASME and NBIC code stamps “U” and “R”

On-site assembly, repair and modifications

Rigging and installation services

Machining & Bolting Services

Shop and Field

OD/ID mount flange facing

Pipe Cutting

Bolt Torquing and Tensioning

Facility Maintenance Services

Safety Related – Attendants, Professionals and Auditors

Grounds keep and General Labor

Equipment Operators

Mechanical and Piping

QA/QC Support



Safety Services

Industrial Rescue Services

Emergency rescue - 2 Man Team Minimum

Land-based and offshore

Standby rescue

High angle rescue - 3 Man Team Minimum

Confined space - 3 Man Team Minimum

Safety and rescue equipment rental

Training and testing facility loaded with next-generation tools and equipment for rescues services

Industrial Fire Protection Services

Fire protection system evaluations

Code compliance consulting and interpretations

Fire Protection Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Services

Deluge, water spray, vapor mitigation and sprinkler systems

Hydrants, post indicator valves and fire monitors

Fire pumps and fire apparatuses

Fire hoses

Fire trucks

Fixed and portable fire extinguishers

Smoke, flame and incipient fire detection

Manual and remote-controlled fixed monitor systems

Emergency alarm and mass notification systems

Combustible and toxic gas detection systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems

CO2, dry chemical and foam-based fire suppression systems

Safety Attendants

Confined Space

Fire Watch

Supplied Air

3rd Party Project Safety Support and Compliance Auditors

Industrial Safety Equipment Rentals are also available.

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